Friday, March 06, 2009

Valhalla Touring Poster

Valhalla Touring Poster

VALHALLA TOURING POSTER A stunning full color poster of skiing touring on "Rolling Thunder", a run near Valhalla Lodge and the rugged Mulvey Range in the Valhalla Mountains of British Columbia that will make you pine for winter.

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Big Mountain, Little Skier

Loose Heels, Light Snow, Wild Mountains

The latest video from Free Heels is freeheel skiing at it's best. It was shot over three winters In Canada, Alaska, and here in the lower 48. Footage to make you drool and skiing that will impress even the most seasoned tele skiers.

Featured skiing out of remote backcountry lodges in the Selkirks and Purcells of British Columbia.Lots of deep pow and steeps. All origional soundtrack. Running time is approx. 39 minutes.


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Big Mountain, Little Skier

Freedom of the Heels

From climbing to route finding, avalanche safety to skiing soft snow, this video covers the many aspects of backcountry skiing. It also gives you a strong sense of the look and feel of mountain touring. Lots of great footage, both of skiing and the spectacular scenery, shot mostly in the interior ranges of British Columbia, It's a great primer on the basics of mountain touring and a resource on what you need to learn. - Approx. 34 minutes


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Big Mountain, Little Skier

Beyond the Groomed

Beyond the Groomed VideoA video tour of the how and why of free heel skiing off piste. Couloir Magazine said when they reviewed it , "If there is one video to get this year, this is it." Over 40 different skiers skiing 'real' snow in it's many forms. A great sound track and narration that guides the viewer as to what's making those turns work. This video covers the basics of off piste skiing as well as specifics of skiing soft, hard, steeps, trees, and crud. - Approx. 35 minutes


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Big Mountain, Little Skier

Instructional & Backcountry Videos

The following videos are now available for $10 each!

Beyond The Groomed

Freedom of the Hills

Big Mountain Little Skier

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Cold Smoke Festival

Nelson BC - February 20-23, 2008 (Dates TBA)
Beyond the Groomed has evolved into a larger educationally based backcountry festival. Arc'teryx, Mountain Gear, and Whitewater Ski Resort have joined together to create this national celebration of backcountry skiing.

This event was a great success and we look forward to participating again in 2009.

For more information, visit:

Saturday, January 01, 2000

Backcountry Awareness

Sitting here in late August backcountry awareness is the awareness that in two or three months I'll be out there, hearing the rip of skins and feeling the arc of my skis through fresh snow. But what I want to write about is real backcountry awareness, the essential ingredient for safe and successful backcountry skiing. Resorts, be they alpine or nordic, try to create a predictable environment for skiers. Groomed snow reduces the variable of natural snow, allowing the skier to concentrate on...

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